Frequently asked questions and answers
Valuation types

There are two types of ratings:

  • Self-assessment: Located in the Market analysis section. For Professional user. Semi-automatic process, since it allows to delimit the search in polygons, eliminate witnesses, add professional comments, print the cadastral file ...
  • iFrame: Embedded in the client's website. For end user. Preconfigured and fully automated process.

They both use the same algorithm.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame, is a web within another web in a frame, as if it were a video screen, where another web is playing. In our case it is a real estate appraiser inserted in the web, landing page, client's blog that allows you to add the possibility of valuing real estate within your website and in white label.

Why are there so many databases?

There are essentially three databases:

  • <• Real Estate : Data extracted from portals as individual ads.
  • <•Promotions: Data extracted from portals and published as promotions. It should be noted that not all portals have this feature.
  • <•Promoters : Data extracted from promoter websites.

The rest of the databases are versions from previous months of the 3 mentioned above.

How are duplicates removed?

The duplicate algorithm, compares the following fields and considers an ad < strong> is duplicated if they all match across all ads:

  • Price: Either rent or sell depending on the destination of the ad.
  • Built Meters
  • Typology group
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Toilets

Unfortunately we can't intervene in how each person posts an ad. Therefore, sometimes the same property is published with values ​​ for the different fields above . In these cases we cannot identify the property as a duplicate.

What is a token?

It is an alphanumeric string that is automatically generated and is used to uniquely identify each iFrame . This string is inserted as a parameter into the iFrame code which is then inserted into the client's web , landing page or blog, leaving all ratings registered in the customer account with that token, so to speak is the ID of each iFrame . It also allows you to customize the iFrame to your liking.

Can I include a facade photo taken from the cadastre in the PDF report?

Yes. It is possible to activate in Iframe Options the inclusion in the PDF report of a photo of the facade extracted from the cadastre and provided that the search for the property is carried out through the "Search RCs by address" button at the time of making the valuation.

Is there a limit for the size of an Excel or PDF?

Yes, the system does not allow a massive download of data, but limited to specific areas of analysis.

Can I extend the rating radius of my iframe?

Yes, it can be extended later 1 or more provinces by adding to the fee € 19 + iva each (€ 16 i+iva if it is an annual payment)

Can I send a different automated mail to a buyer and a seller?

Yes, the system allows to discriminate and customize the automatic mail templates to customers. For example, sellers can be offered brokerage services and buyers can be offered portfolio products.

It doesn’t let me get into Homeprice Pro

Remember that the USER is not your email but the name you wrote in that field when registering! If you do not remember it, you can regenerate the password in the button RECOVER PASSWORD

What are polygons and why are they used?

In the MARKET ANALYSIS section and on the map, you can delimit with the left mouse button specific areas to explore by drawing polygons. Remember to close them by marking point 1 again !!!

What does the marketing module do?

The marketing module allows you to organize specific or maintenance campaigns, both on the leads generated through the web titrator, and on the database of advertisements published by the application. It allows you to manage the opportunities received, create contacts or groups of contacts, products, campaigns, send SMS, manage the different landings and obtain analytics / details of the visits received.

What are the plans?

Plans define what benefits your user has in HomepricePro. From the most basic and basic plans, the test or the most complete. You can always change your plan and your data will be kept. Request information by clicking on the HomepricePro icon.

What is a scenario?

In the market analysis environment and so to speak, a scenario is a photo of the current map with its objects. This means that the downloaded and filtered testimonials, the selected polygon, the zoom and the location are recorded in your account. The stage name, by default, is the address in the center of the map, but you can put whatever you want in it. This feature allows you to recover the saved scenarios whenever you want. When retrieving them, you can choose whether to download the current testimonials and the database you want or those recorded at the time you saved them.

How can I customize my iframe?

In IFRAME OPTIONS there is a field called CSS DESIGN in which you can enter code to customize the backgrounds, numbers, fonts, etc., according to the company's corporate manual. Similarly, in email templates you can add logo, colors, fonts, urls, etc., in HTML SOURCE. So the integration of the titrator / iframe on your website will be perfect !!!

Why do some emails not reach my customers?

Unfortunately, today, there is no reliable way to ensure that an email has reached the recipient. Due to the growing number of emails that end up being spam, unwanted commercial offers, data capture emails, emails with viruses, spy emails, etc ... mail servers, in order to serve their users, have had to create filters to protect them and deliver only clean, polished mail.

This filtering process is done by computers that don't always get it right and is based on algorithms that supposedly learn from users' decisions. For example, if a user deletes or marks an email as spam, it is very likely that that domain of the email will be marked for the future. They also analyze the contents of emails, subject matter and many other parameters, such as the origins of IPs or their coincidence with the sender.

All this means that neither we nor almost anyone can ensure the reception of the same. There are certainly basic tips to avoid this as much as possible, for example, emails with senders such as,,, ie generic, are not advisable.

Emails from little-known or little-known servers are more easily blocked, so many times the same email sent from your email with your domain or sent from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Proton, AOL, Zoho, iCloud, Yahoo, GMX ... have very different results.

At Homeprice we are constantly evaluating alternatives to avoid these effects, in fact, we offer the possibility of connecting to Hubspot to avoid it significantly since once connected to this service they are the ones who can send emails on behalf of and have very advanced algorithms to significantly increase email delivery. Hubspot offers free start-up plans that give you plenty of play.

We also offer the ability to set up your own mail server to send mail, thus preventing the sender of the mail from being different from the sender.

We also advise you to check that your public IP or domain is not blacklisted; you can check it at the following link: mxtoolbox

How does the valuation algorithm work?

The user determines a location on the map, either by address, moving the icon over the map, pressing the button that takes it to its current location, or by cadastral reference. In either case, the result is that the coordinates of the location to be evaluated are obtained. With these coordinates, the process of searching for nearby witnesses begins. The area where the search for witnesses is delimited is determined by the following factors:

- Polygon: If the user has configured polygons, it is checked if the coordinates fall in any of the selected polygons. If so, all the testimonials within the polygon that match the established parameters of: Type of dwelling, area (with the established range of margin above and below) and bedrooms are downloaded. Duplicates are removed, and if the resulting number of witnesses is equal to or greater than that established for at least that polygon, the final common step is passed.

- Radius: If there are no matching polygons, search by radius, starting from less to more with a preconfigured scale and with the same filters applied in the search by polygon. The process is repeated until, once the duplicates have been removed, the number of tokens obtained is equal to or greater than required. If the maximum number of witnesses is exceeded, they are sorted by distance, the surplus is eliminated and the final common step is taken.

- Final common step: Once the desired number of witnesses has been obtained, the average square meter price is calculated, discarding, if necessary, those witnesses who are extremely out of the average. The correctors established in the calibration section are calculated, the prices are based on the parameters configured in the prices section, the values ​​in the register are updated, and, depending on the configuration established in the iFrame options, sends the mail to the client, to the user, values ​​are updated to external services such as Hubspot and finally the result is sent to the browser that will display the values ​​or options depending on the settings we have set.

What parameters does the iframe have?

Source, tracking and motivation.

What does source parameter do in the iFrame

The content of this parameter is recorded in the source field of the rating log but has many more applications. Ask us!

What does tracking parameter do in the iFrame?

Indicates when to start recording iframe activity in the valuations log.

  • 0 to start from the first time it is called. Caution should be exercised in cases where the iframe is embedded in a page not dedicated to the appraiser since each time this page is called a record will be created.
  • 1 to do this the first time any item in the iframe is clicked. Ideal for cases where the iframe is embedded in a page not dedicated to the evaluator as the main page.
  • From 2 to 4 to do so from the moment you go to the step indicated by the field value. Designed for cases in which you want to reduce the number of records.

Why does the motivation setting do in the iFrame?

To choose the default value of the motivation field and prevent the user from having to select. If this field is not specified, the iframe displays a drop-down with two options. This possibility is useful when you want to make two separate pages, one for purchase and the other for sale or just one of the two. The parameters are motivation=sell or motivation=buy and an example iframe would be:

<iframe id="iframe" src="" allow="geolocation" style="border:0;width:100%;height:800px"></iframe>

What does it mean to "calibrate" the iFrame?

The simulator comes calibrated by default. However, as all markets have their own particularities, the application allows you to adjust a series of parameters to suit each user, depending on whether the valuation is for rent / purchase, residential, commercial, etc., so that the correctors that are applied act differently.

It is important to note that in the Features section and only in this one, values that are set to 0 do not appear in the iFrame rating form and therefore will have no effect.

Why are there unavailable photos?

Since data collection and cleaning is a 3-4 week process, in some cases the links to the photos in the original ads on the portals are no longer available. In most cases because the ad has already been unpublished. This is easily verifiable by clicking on the link in the original ad and seeing if it is still available. Nevertheless, we believe that the comparative information is still valid. That's why we keep it until the next upload, which then becomes part of an earlier version of the database, with which we can make the histories. In some cases and for some portals, access restrictions apply to photos that do not allow you to view the same photo too many times in a row and after a while they are accessible again.

Do you have an API for making assessments?

Yes. In those cases where you want a more transparent or customized integration you can connect directly to our API, without going through the iframe.